Anyone who has had to study online knows how dull and soul-sucking it is. Looking at your teacher’s face and staring at boring PPTs is not exactly the best way to acquire knowledge, let alone have fun doing it.

When lessons lack interaction and communication, the content is much less likely to be retained. MySchool, a communication-oriented metaverse platform, combines education and games to create a comfortable environment that promotes efficient and engaging learning.

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular in the post-pandemic era because they are convenient and cost-effective. As technology advances, bringing us new immersive and imaginary worlds, the way we teach children and prepare teachers must also evolve to meet these new opportunities. We have to understand that It’s also important that students learn by doing, e.g., through labs, immersive environments (VR, AR, XR), simulations, etc.

MySchool offers all kinds of classes with quests, realistic content, avatars, and even a pet system. Similar to a role-playing game, everyone has a unique avatar, and you can communicate with each other via voice or even video chat. Students can develop their thinking and problem-solving skills by solving a variety of materials and investigations.

MySchool helps promote programming skills and logical thinking through block coding courses. What makes it special is that it is possible to set up an economic system and an income model that users can actively produce and consume.

Moreover, it provides a customized service not only for students but also for teachers and parents based on LMS data analysis and can be conveniently used with any device by supporting various multi-devices and OS.

Using the metaverse for this program means that the learning effect and participation can be greatly increased through games, and the quality of learning is also improved. Students here can experience real human social interaction as they navigate virtual spaces, their agency is supported as they explore these spaces, and there is a real eye for diversity in presentation and access to what is created.

MySchool combines education and games in metaverse, offering much more than just real-time online lessons and video courses. You can create and customize your own avatar, decorate your personal space, enjoy art exhibitions and even communicate with others to acquire more knowledge. Click here and learn more!

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