Digidog Studio is a one-stop webtoon background program that covers all genres of webtoon backgrounds, from romance to noir. It was developed by Metaverse company Wedit to solve the financial and time problems of webtoon creators by providing them with a time-saving and easy-to-use solution that significantly increases their efficiency and saves them money.

When you download the background file in the program, it is encrypted in real-time. Moreover, when the background is executed in real-time, it can be reflected according to your operations, such as editing objects, adjusting lighting, setting the camera and fine-tuning.

Of course, depending on your needs, you can also save and change the image’s resolution, crop the image and set up the included screen filters according to your preferences.

In addition, the Wedit team has been collecting data through 3D scanning for a long time and has collected large amounts of data used in the webtoon, gaming, and VR industries, so the problem of diversity in Digidog Studio’s webtoon background could be easily solved. All these things are possible with AI technology and artificial intelligence.

As you can see in the picture, unlike SketchUp, the color is soft and the light expression is outstanding. Also, various objects such as the sky, water, and tree are rendered more naturally.

With the ‘Ambient Light Adjustment’ function stored in the program, you can create different atmospheres in the same structure.

One of the best features is that you can easily apply different effects to the background – without Photoshop! So you do not need to buy expensive Sketchup and powerful computer equipment. The team has also put together Photoshop features that do not require you to go to Photoshop separately and post-process the background. You can freely note the values for each Photoshop filter function and adjust them for your purposes.

Webtoon backgrounds of various genres are updated monthly, and more and more diverse and valuable additional features will be developed and added in the future as well. Many 3D background producers who suffer from copyright issues can also avoid this problem by selling their backgrounds through Digidog Studio.

Digidog Studio is an AI-based webtoon background program that allows you to edit webtoon backgrounds freely and quickly. It is designed to be easily used by beginners, and all other webtoon creators up to professionals and even those who dream of becoming one, to create higher quality works with it.

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