With the increasing number of e-sports fans and game enthusiasts, e-sports peripherals have become more and more popular. In recent years, we have also seen the rise of many mechanical keyboard manufacturers, with many stepping up research and development. The mouse has also moved from becoming ever more basic and lightweight into responsive, ergonomic, and functional. Gaming monitors are forever increasing their speed and refresh rates. Finally, people have started discussing – and often having pretty strong opinions about – the gaming chair. I want to focus on the KILLABEE 9015 Gaming Chair in this article, for some of my own thoughts on gaming chairs in general and this chair in particular.

To start off, we must understand what purpose a gaming chair serves. Just like high-priced ergonomic chairs used by office workers, we want a chair that allows us to concentrate with sharp focus, letting us remain comfortable for a long time. We will likely end up with constant back pain if we don’t use our correct posture while seated. That’s why most gaming chairs, like office chairs, also are ergonomically designed, to better fit the body while relaxed. A decent gaming chair will give proper support no matter if relaxing, working, or being hyper-focused beating the final boss.

At a price of $169.90, the KILLABEE 9015 uses a hardened plastic five-star base, which can take up to 250lbs of dynamic weight. There is no need to worry if you’re under 250lbs, the chair feels more than solid and steady enough. If you weigh in more you could consider spending a bit extra on a gaming chair with a base made of more weight tolerant materials like aluminum or even graphene. The wheels run very smooth on the move while remaining steady when stationary. We found the chair incredibly simple to put together, even my colleagues with ten thumbs managed to get it assembled in less than ten minutes.

The inner filling of KILLABEE 9015 is a single piece of molded foam, which increases the integrity and gives the chair a comfortable, spongy texture. The thicker cushion also takes the pressure off your hip. The left and right protruding designs are reminiscent of a racing car chair, allowing you to sit comfortably in it. The armrests also have cushions that are soft and nice, offering proper support to arms and helping you reduce the stress on shoulder and neck muscles. Additionally, the fabric of KILLABEE 9015 is more breathable than we thought, even sitting on it for a long time in a pretty hot and most climate didn’t make us feel uncomfortable.

You can lie down almost flat in the chair, as its maximum reclining angle is about 170°. There are a lot of adjustments available, including a very extendable footrest, making the chair double as a bed. This is convenient for players who often play e-sports games into the early hours, and those who stay up late working overtime. If you are tired from playing or working, you can just lie down and have a comfortable nap. When you wake up, you can continue to play or work. (Exactly what we are doing in our own thankfully laid-back office). To make it more comfortable, the company also features the chair with an adjustable lumbar massaging cushion, giving extra comfort to relieve sore muscles and fatigue from prolonged sitting.

The KILLABEE 9015 comes in lots of color choices; black, gray, blue, red, and pink are all available on their website. This is one of the most affordable KILLABEE chairs, but we found it very comfortable for both general office work as well as for gaming – and for having a mid-day siesta. Get $15 off on all KILLABEE items using our special fans code GG15 before 10/30.

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