I’ll come clean with you, I am just not a very good driver… I get distracted way too easily, something catches my eye and I forget to pay attention. I also get nervous on busy roads for the same reasons, and my husband rarely wants me to get behind the wheel when he’s around. Of course I have to drive occasionally, it’s just part of life. Fortunately, I have been spared accidents so far, but driving does tend to make me somewhat nervous.

I would personally welcome anything that could calm my nerves behind the wheel. If you were to ask me to name one of the best tech products on the market that makes it easier for me to both drive with focus and get relevant information at the same time, Hudway Drive would definitely be it.

Just think of Hudway as a customizable Bluetooth projector that sits near our steering wheel. In addition to speed and directions, Hudway Drive can also display all kinds of notifications as well as information like phone calls and music tracks. Of course, we can turn notifications on and off for specific apps at will.

Hudway Drive has proven to me to be a useful technology, not a gimmick. The goal of Hudway Drive is to put all the important information right in front of us while we are driving, so we can focus on the road and not on our phone or other devices.

Having all the driving data and helpful information right in front of me keeps my focus where it belongs – on the road, which greatly reduces distractions while driving.

To ensure the entire unit sits firmly on the dashboard, Hudway Drive uses a flexible rubberized base with flaps that flex to fit the curves of any dashboard. The display itself is a transparent panel that allows us to adjust the line of sight to the display, or fold it down flat when we do not need it in view.

Hudway drive needs to be powered via a USB cable, as it does not have a built-in battery. However, we can simply run a long power cable in the seam between the windshield and the dashboard for a neat installation.

Hudway Drive can also display data from OBD-based vehicle diagnostic systems, which we can easily find on Amazon. Besides, we can easily use it to display videos from rear or side cameras.

Hudway Drive is a great add-on that is not only very handy but also fun to use. It will grow on you once you start using it, as it does to me. With its chic look and affordable price, I think Hudway Drive is a great choice for almost any driver! Click here to learn more and pre-order.

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