Elon Musk claims that Apple is threatening to exclude Twitter from the App Store. Some believe that this could be related to the re-admission of Donald Trump on the platform. Trump has been banned since 2021 due to the risk of further acts of violence after storming Congress in the United States.


Apple itself has reportedly offered no explanation as to why Twitter is threatened with suspension, according to Musk himself. However, Twitter has just opened the doors for Donald Trump’s return to the platform, which could be the reason for Apple’s intervention.


When Musk stepped in as the owner of Twitter, he decided to let people decide whether or not Trump should return to the platform in the form of a poll on his Twitter profile. The result was that the majority want him back.


Musk apparently has more axes to grind with Apple, if the criticism he directed at the company in a series of Twitter messages is to be believed. Not only does he claim that Apple is trying to stifle free speech by threatening to ban Twitter from the App Store, but he also attacks Apple’s alleged abuse of market power. Specifically, Apple’s well-known 30 percent fee through in-app sales.


Last but not least, Musk accused Apple of removing its ads from Twitter, and several other companies have recently withdrawn their ads from Twitter as well.

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