Drones have become increasingly popular and readily available both to ordinary people as well as businesses in recent years. This is not only due to their increasingly affordable prices, but also because they offer a simple solution to many daily needs. In the eyes of most, drones are no longer a gimmick, but a truly practical tool to be used in all sorts of scenarios.

We here at Gigadgets have seen a lot of creative drone products. Many of them are very innovative but lack the maturity of the technology needed to make them work. Others that have successfully solved their design and technology barriers are gaining worldwide popularity and are quickly establishing themselves in this industry.

You probably remember the selfie stick that was all the rage a few years ago. The ability and flexibility it offered to record memories, made it perfect for capturing all the beautiful moments of life. However, it is still very uncomfortable to use, because one of your hands is always busy holding the stick – and it’s admittedly become rather “uncool” to use.

Enter our protagonist today, PhoneQuad, a hovering smartphone case that enables you take and experience hands-free photos, videos, and FaceTime calls while it hovers stable and steady in mid-air.

Developed by startup LeshTronix Drone Systems, PhoneQuad features a quad-rotor structure and multiple design and utility patents pending that allow PhoneQuad to operate smoothly and stably.

Think of PhoneQuad as a hovering selfie stick. You can lock your phone (iOS or Android) inside the proprietary Airframe, open the flaps and just let go. PhoneQuad instantly converts your phone into a compact, durable and foldable drone.

PhoneQuad also claims to be able to follow verbal commands through microphone-equipped earbuds via Bluetooth using proprietary voice recognition software.

In the words of LeshTronix CEO and founder, “Users will be able to position PhoneQuad to the desired elevation or background and use voice commands to zoom, begin and stop videos, make calls or snap photos. We are the future of hands free communication using smart devices”.

It’s a product that allows families, friends and party goers of all kinds to set up and stage the perfect picture, video or video conversation to create a new level of personal interaction.”

As a pioneer in the drone industry, LeshTronix has partnered with a brilliant team of Aerospace Engineers to develop the hardware and software with the goal of changing the way the world sees, uses and benefits from autonomous technology in many forms. PhoneQuad opens up a new immersive and hands-free world of video calling and photography.

LeshTronix Drone Systems will officially launch their Crowdfunding Campaign via Indiegogo.com on Monday, December 19. The campaign will be active until January 31, go support them and order one for yourself or your family! The Perks are life-changing and a percentage will go to UNICEF!

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