Size has always been a problem for many when choosing a suitcase. Unused space in your luggage leads to wrinkled clothes and a messy suitcase where things easily break when you check your luggage on a flight, not to mention the extra weight and possible baggage fees. On the flip side, too little space limits your packing capacity.

I have three different sizes of suitcases for different purposes – usually depending on the length of the trip and what I need to take with me. As a tech writer, I’ve also tried quite a few smart or unique suitcases that have all sorts of interesting features, one can even be used as a single bed for a siesta. Most of them, however, are more gimmicky than truly practical. When I first saw VELO Luggage on their Kickstarter page, I knew they were on the right track (and not just because of the 1,000+ backers they already had).

Claimed to be the world’s first hard-side expandable suitcase, VELO’s patented expandable design makes it possible to switch between 3 sizes with the push of a button. By pressing the buttons on the top of the extra-wide pop-up handle, you can either pull VELO to make it larger or compress it to make it smaller in seconds.

Whether you need a small 16″ carry-on suitcase for a short trip, a medium 22″ suitcase for a business trip, or a large 26-inch suitcase for an extended vacation or family trip, VELO got you covered. The best part about VELO is that you can adjust the size as your needs change during your trip. For example, you can start with the smallest size at the beginning and end up using the large size for all of your shopping and souvenirs.

I know the idea is very simple, but the execution of VELO is almost perfection. From the durable and elegant polycarbonate shell to the aerospace-grade aluminum frame, from the customized packing cube set to the adjustable dividers and laptop bag, VELO has thought of just about everything a first-class suitcase needs.

Working with top manufacturers that supply major global brands such as Samsonite, Delsey and Kirkland, VELO has undergone a series of industrial tests to ensure its durability and reliability before leaving the manufacturer’s factory.

The sliding joint part has been tested 3200 times and has proven to be smooth and durable even after a long time of use. The rugged PC shell, surrounded by 70% Bayer polycarbonate material, along with other high-quality parts, ensures that the suitcase can withstand a wide range of travel conditions and all-weather conditions.


In addition to the silent 360° wheels that allow for smooth rolling on a variety of surfaces, VELO features an invisible bottom handle for easy lifting and the latest version of the TSA tamper-proof luggage lock for added security.

The team at VELO has also developed some amazing accessories to make your travel experience even better. Their customized packing cube set includes a clothes bag, an underwear bag, an accessory bag, and a wash bag, all of which fit perfectly in VELO and serve different purposes to help you pack efficiently. The adjustable dividers help you better organize your luggage, and the specially designed laptop bag can be stowed inside as well as hung from the handle, making it great for both packing and working. The team has also added an essential travel pillow with a built-in inflatable airbag to help you sleep more comfortably on the go.

VELO‘s patented expandable design provides maximum flexibility, and all details are top notch, making your travel easier and more comfortable. This amazing premium suitcase is currently available on Kickstarter, and, at the time of writing, has already achieved great success with more than 1,400 backers. The team at VELO expects to begin shipping in January 2023. I will definitely be getting one, and so should you!

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