Today’s product reminded me of the TikTok Challenges, where passersby were asked to name various countries or US states. I was amused by their answers, but not surprised at how ignorant some people are about geography. My geography skills sadly used to be just as bad, until I met my partner – and got made fun of myself. In retrospect, my lack of interest in geography was due to boring lessons in elementary school, where my teacher simply read from books and told us to memorize the answers without going into details.

JukeyTalky is a game-based learning package based on AR that you can use to prepare your kids for their future travels around the world or teach them geography in a fun interactive way. It is always said that interest is the first teacher for children, thus gaming is probably one of the best teachers nowadays. JukeyTalky combines AR and games to capture kids’ attention and help them learn and have fun simultaneously.

The idea is quite simple but very clever. When you look at the world map on your phone or smart device, it is programmed to show a country’s architecture, sports, flag, animals, and more, depending on the category you choose.

The included AR flashcards have an AR feature that vividly displays the animals and dinosaurs on your phone or smart device screen, making the lesson more fun and effective. Each card contains information about animals and dinosaurs when it is turned into AR.

You can also adjust the size of the animals and dinosaurs and even have them perform certain actions. Each card also includes a quiz system where kids can read about each animal and dinosaur and then take a quiz about them. Each time you solve a quiz, you can earn badges and stars to achieve achievements. Kids can also have more fun by taking photos with the animals and dinosaurs.

The quiz is not just about animals and dinosaurs. There are five main themes with about 1,500 quiz questions, including each country’s representative animals, dinosaurs, history, culture, and stories. Children learn about important events in each country and get detailed information about the country’s historical figures, food, landmarks, language, and traditions. Fairy tales and myths about each country are read aloud by a voice to increase children’s interest and engagement. They can even learn how to greet each other in each country’s language.

Instead of studying the textbook and memorizing the facts, finding the right country and attaching the magnet provide a much better and more fun experience for kids. The flags, landmarks, historical sites, and animal magnets are designed to stick to the world map, so kids can learn by attaching the magnets to the map. When children play with the magnets over and over again, they will naturally remember the flags, landmarks, and other useful information about each country.

To prepare your kids for future travel, JukeyTalky offers a realistic experience that includes personal passports, airline tickets and exit stamps. Kids can enter their personal information in it, add their own destinations and decorate their own passport. Operations such as putting an exit stamp on the passport or exchanging currency before departure gives them a better understanding of how travel and currencies work, so they can get it right if they ever have the opportunity to take a real trip.

JukeyTalky is a fun and exciting way to teach your kids geography or prepare them for travels around the world. This world adventure set based on AR is currently available on Kickstarter and is expected to ship in January 2023. I will be purchasing a set for my colleagues’ children, and you should get one for yours too!

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