“I personally believe that customization is becoming a trend after having seen all the successful products that have addressed it. This is also showing how our desires are evolving quite differently nowadays compared to what they were like five years ago.” A quote from my previous article.

We here at Gigadgets have tested quite a few earbuds over the past few years. We have always been amazed at how creative earbud manufacturers can be and how much sound quality has improved as technologies have evolved. However, when it comes to customization, they all seem to focus on tailoring the sound to personal preference rather than focusing on the look of the products or even offering a few more color options.

With the sophistication of technology and the increasing homogeneity of products these days, it’s hard to find something new and truly exciting that meets people’s needs to express their unique style and personality. HHOGene GPods could very well be the most fascinating new earbuds of the year.

As you can see, these earbuds stand out at first glance – they shine… HHOGene GPods are proud to be the first TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds that let you customize the light experience to your liking.

Supporting an estimated 300,000 color combinations, GPods allow you to be creative with the unique “Dare to Shine” experience and express yourself in a variety of ways depending on your mood, clothing, music, and more.

In addition, the GPods app includes a photo color detection feature that allows you to capture colors simply by taking a photo. The app automatically captures the colors matching the scene before uploading them to the earphones. Artificial intelligence with algorithmic capabilities allows you to arrange photos and analyze color ratios found in your saved photos. The colors for each pixel point in an image are sorted to calculate color blocks that are then converted into the light on the earphone surface.

It’s really interesting to play around with all kinds of images and see the results. I immediately tried it on my beloved cats and it exceeded my expectations. Check out some of the GPods with the cats:

They have also added four GPods shells with different patterns to make your buds even more unique. This accessory attaches to the body of the earbuds with an innovative buckle system and separates the in-ear speaker unit from the shell’s attach area. By swapping these interchangeable accessories, you can change your style inexpensively and easily.

The shells are also made of materials optimized to not turn yellow over time. They are easy to put on your GPods and protect them from scratches and drops. At the same time, they provide a custom display that does not affect the sound quality of the speakers in any way.

When I tested the earbuds, one of my colleagues wanted to try them out too, even though she usually has no interest in earbuds and only uses her Apple ones. GPods shocked her in a very good way when I turned off the office lights, not to mention when she saw her favorite leopard print shell. She fell in love with GPods because of the ability to use them as “accessories” to match her outfits and because she was amazed by how good the noise cancellation they provide is (she really wanted them after testing).

When it comes to sound quality, I recommend HHOGene. For earbuds in this price range, especially ones when the sound quality is not their main selling point, the GPods’ performance is absolutely amazing. I’d say it almost rivals one of our favorite earbuds we have tested – Anker’s Soundcore Liberty 3, which we still think is one of the best TWS earbuds on the market in 2022.

GPods have an excellent battery life of 15 hours with light, and after a 10-minute quick charge, you can enjoy two hours of music. After a week of use, I have only charged the case once. I am the kind of person who does not pay attention to the battery status of my devices, except for my phone and camera. I haven’t noticed any issue with the battery when I use it, which is my benchmark for how reliable earbuds should be.

They added something very subtle but thoughtful that I think is worth mentioning here. When you open the charging case, the GPods’ light indicates battery status by showing green, orange, yellow, or nothing. They also support touch controls which you can set in the app to your preferences.

My colleague has a very small ear and a pretty different ear shape, so she could not wear other in-ear earbuds well. That’s one of the main reasons she’s been stuck with her old AirPods for almost four years. It turned out to be a big surprise for her that she could wear the GPods comfortably with the included XS custom-size tip. There are four pairs of earbud tips in different sizes and I can guarantee that almost anyone can wear these because I know how difficult it is to find a pair of earbuds that fit my colleague well.

It’s rather difficult for me to describe just how pleasantly surprised I am by these earbuds, the overall experience is even better than many major brands. GPods are one of the best and most unique earbuds we have tested. I encourage you to get a pair and try them out for yourself!

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