Lucky Fish Bread is a delightful VR cooking game in which you’ll be able to prepare the famous Korean street snack Bungeoppang (Fish Bread pastry). Do not be fooled by the simple idea of this game, it’s a lot more challenging once you get your hands in.

There are all sorts of demanding customers and all sorts of tasks, and you will most likely be overwhelmed by a number of emergencies if you want to make your street stall the most popular place in town.

Visual Light has done a good job in developing and building the storyline, giving the entire game an exciting rhythm, and, at the same time some relaxed, entertaining moments.

By preparing different combinations of fish bread and drinks, you’ll experience the feeling of being the boss of your own stall and learn how to serve customers and deal with all sorts of emergencies.

Besides, you’ll be accompanied by the Fish Bread Fairy, who will constantly talk to you, give you tips and occasionally just be annoying, think a constantly worried mother. Everything that comes at you at once in the game will hopefully help you cope better with things in real life. 

You’ll find that you are better able to multitask after playing this game for a while. The game gets more challenging and quite hectic towards the end, so it feels very much like actual food service, only with less grease and stains.

As I mentioned earlier, this game is about much more than just baking fish bread. While completing the game missions, you’ll be able to take a break from real life by enjoying the unique cartoon-like art style and making colorful and animated Fish Bread snacks. You’ll also feel that you can build your own business and make your stand more and more popular.

Developed by Visual Light; Lucky Fish Bread is a VR restaurant simulation game that lets you learn how to prepare the famous Korean street snack, and lets you take a break from the real world while building your own street food stand in the VR world.

The game is now available on Steam, Oculus and Vive. For more information and what others think about it, click here.

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