Looking for a robot vacuum that’s both stylish and effective? Look no further than the Narwal Freo. This innovative cleaning robot is packed with features that’ll leave your floors spotless, and also put a big grin on your face.

With its unique intelligent perception system, Narwal IPS 3.0, Freo can sense the cleaning environment at the centimeter level, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. And, perhaps most importantly, the use of lidar sensors means you do not have to worry about compromising the privacy of your domestic activities.

Freo is not just smart, it’s versatile. The Narwal Freo offers five cleaning modes, including Vacuum, Mop, Vacuum then Mop, Vacuum and Mop, and Freo Mode.

With adjustable suction power, roller brush, and side brushes, the Vacuum mode ensures efficient removal of dust and dirt. The High-Speed Rotation Pressurized Mop mode effectively removes stains, and the adjustable pressure and humidity make it even more effective.

The Vacuum then Mop mode is a unique cleaning logic for deep cleaning that only Narwal Freo offers, and it avoids the risk of getting dry dust wet. The Vacuum and Mop mode allows users to clean both the vacuum and mop simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Freo mode, with its patented Smart-Swing technology, ensures that blind spots in the house are cleaned regularly, making it the most comprehensive cleaning mode.

With these five cleaning modes to choose from, you can tackle any cleaning task with ease. And with Freo’s adjustable suction power, roller brush, and side brushes, even the most stubborn dust and dirt won’t stand a chance.

Narwal‘s team has found that there is only a 2% difference in dust pick-up rate between 2500pa and 5000pa suction power. However, the noise level increases significantly as the suction power increases.

So the Freo strikes a perfect balance between suction power and noise level, with a powerful suction power of 3000pa that is also quiet with a low noise level of 55dB. No more sharp, constant noise that scares your pets or children.

In addition to operating the robot via Narwal APP, Narwal offers another option for those who prefer to click via the base station.

Narwal has also designed the Freo with a focus on preventing secondary pollution. The mops automatically lift when vacuuming to prevent dust from sticking to the mops. The side brush closes during mopping to prevent accumulated dust from contaminating the cleaned area. The center roller brush is also raised during mopping to prevent secondary contamination.

Freo uses a dust bucket instead of an automatically emptying dock. In fact, Narwal has found that dust is most often disposed of once a week, and with its 480 ml capacity, Freo has just enough room to hold a week’s worth of waste.

In addition, the dust bin and filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly, which means that bacteria will no longer accumulate in the dust over time. The cleaning tray and base of the Freo base station are removable, so you do not have to bend down to clean them. No more tedious maintenance, no more dirty corners left behind.

Narwal, the innovative provider of household cleaning solutions, has once again raised the bar for home cleaning solutions and revolutionized the world of robotic vacuums with the Narwal Freo robotic vacuum cleaner. So, what are you waiting for? Improve your cleaning performance with Narwal Freo, the ultimate cleaning solution for every household. With its comprehensive cleaning modes, smart cleaning system, and convenient maintenance, Freo is sure to bring a touch of caring to your cleaning experience, making it a top cleaning solution for any household.

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