Intel has not released any exciting new processors so far this year, while AMD has outshined Intel in almost every area including gaming. The situation may finally have changed, Engadget reported that Intel finally unveiled their 11th generation Core processors with higher speed, but fewer cores.

The processors should be up to 19 percent faster than the previous generation and have up to 50 percent faster-integrated graphics.

It’s also a rather strange development: Intel is focusing on fewer cores, but a higher clock rate on them. The top processor Intel Core i9–11900K gets just 8 cores and 16 threads, compared to last year’s Core i9–10900K which had 10 cores and 20 threads. The clock rate should still be able to reach 5.3 GHz on one core, and 4.8 GHz on all cores simultaneously.

This doesn’t sound too impressive when last year’s top chip came very close to these speeds, but it supposedly resulted in higher gaming performance. Since that many cores are rarely used in gaming, removing two cores seems a reasonable move that Intel decided to take.

These are all the new processors Intel is launching:

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