Is it too cumbersome, too fragile, too complicated or too heavy? Does it take too long to adjust the length?

We tried out ATP-01 from MONT.BLACK – and found it to be the best pole we’ve ever tried for mountain trekking!

Robust and light

Throughout our trek, we found the pole from MONT.BLACK to have the perfect balance of being light to carry as well as strong, and to top it off it’s also cheap compared to current products on the market. The ATP-01 is designed to remain reliable in the long run without adding any extra weight. The company tells us they decided to use 3D printing to make the delicate internal parts at low cost and faster speed.  With a weight of just 280g (per pole) and a capacity (per pole) of 90 kg, ATP-01 outperforms most other aluminum poles on the market.

Single press to adjust, gimmick or feature?

I bet many of you share my thoughts that any “single press” product can be unreliable and impractical, as a bunch of gadgets out there labeled as having easy, single-click operation turn out to be utterly useless. You will be surprised how smooth this Mont.Blanc pole is, especially if you’ve already used some of the traditional adjustable poles. If you’ve never tried an adjustable pole before I very much recommend this as ATP-01 is very satisfying to use. This pole allows you to change its length instantly at the press of a button, and after hearing that *click* of the pins locking into place it won’t be accidentally released or slip no matter the force. Safe and reliable, ATP-01 accomplished the goal of improving user experience on all terrain.

All the usual features you find on trekking poles are of course also found on the ATP-01. The handle is soft and durable foam, and the strap is very quick and easy to adjust. The basket is also very easy to change, and the tip is made from virtually indestructible tungsten carbide.

More worth mentioning

MONT.BLACK offers a 2-year warranty on all of their products. In a bid to be more sustainable, the ATP-01 was designed to allow for all parts to be replaceable. If your product breaks during the warranty period they also offer to repair it or send you the replacement parts to do it yourself. If it’s not possible to repair, the pole will then be recycled and you will be provided with a brand new one.

Born and based in the UK, the alpine equipment manufacturer MONT.BLACK is driven by mechanical engineering expertise and a passion for outdoor sports. With the goal of improving user experience on all terrains, giving the perfect length poles at all times, and helping them get the most out of adjustable poles, MONT.BLACK spent 4 years redesigning the adjustable pole from the ground up. It is finally here, the  ATP-01, a pole that can be adjusted at the press of a button on the handle, designed to maximize utility and strength while removing all dead weight.

We got a chance to be among the very first to preview the new pole, and we are happy to share this delightful and versatile pole with our fans, click here to get more details and get yourself geared up for nature.

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