The lyric speaker took over the internet in 2017 when they released their handmade futuristic speaker. It is a speaker in its own category featuring a real-time display of animated lyrics.

Recently, the company behind the speaker, COTODAMA, announced their partnership with Abby Road Red, a leading music tech incubator in Europe. 

At the same time, for their next venture, COTODAMA said the company is going to release another mindboggling speaker in their product line, the Canvas.

Like their previous models, COTODAMA justifies its high price tag by making their speakers not just great to listen to, but also a nice piece at your home. At first glance, we wouldn’t guess it is a speaker. The Canvas looks like two vinyl record jackets leaning against the wall. 

The front board is the screen which displays the lyrics, and the second board functions as a speaker. COTODAMA has released more information on the speaker, but we will definitely keep track of it. 

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