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DJI doesn’t have a new drone to offer at CES 2019 but it has an important accessory update for the Mavic Pro 2, a new controller.

DJI releases the Smart Controller By Gigadgets

The Smart Controller features a built in 5.5-inch full HD screen that DJI said is twice as much brighter as a regular screen, which means it could handle difficult situations like shooting under direct sunlight.

By Gigadgets

The controller has internal storage and uses an android system. Users can also expand it with a micro-SD card.

By Gigadgets

What makes all the difference is how fast a flight could be set up. Image you are on a road trip in the Yellowstone and you see a deer. You can take off right away without having to set up you phone.

DJI said it could handle tough weather condition from -4 F (-20 C) to 104 F (40 C).

However, there are a few thing we don’t think DJI still needs to improve. First of all, the battery life, it would take 2 hours to charge, and would only last for 2.5 hours.

Secondly, the hefty price tag, DJI said they will price it at $649, which means it would be mostly for pros or prosumers.

The accessory is still under FAA review, and would be made available once the process is finished.

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