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LG is the first company to have its press conference on the official CES 2019 opening day dropping a few big announcements including its 5G ready phone, a homebrew beer machine, and a rollable TV.

The first 5G Phone

LG announced its first 5G capable phone is powered by Qualcomm chip. Samsung is expected to follow suit. Nevertheless, LG is the first company to announce.

LG said their 5G ecosystem is ready in 2019 in North America, Europe, China, Australia, South Korean and Japan. The bandwidth could lead to another mobile revolution making including streaming 8k video, power AR, and VR device possible.

The homebrew beer maker

LG hopped on the big millennial trend and announced the company is releasing the LG HomeBrew. It uses LG’s special fermentation algorithm and pre-made beer capsules. You can make five different types beers at home including Indian Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Stout, Wheat and Pilsner.

The rollable TV

LG’s Rollable TV
Sideview of the LG 8k OLED TV

What’s CES without some crazy screen ideas. For 2019, LG is the first company wowing the tech crowd. You can hear the excitement in the room. Equipped with an OLED display, before we get the rollable phone we will get the rollable TV. The OLED screen allows it to remain in the box while the user isn’t using the TV.

LG also announced the company is making the TV smarter and included Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Airplay in its ecosystem. LG still has no idea how it will be priced.

LG Styler & Smart Mirror

LG’s Smart Mirror

LG’s new Smart Mirror could also measure you with their sensors, and match you with clothes that actually fit you.

LG’s Smart Mirror measuring a user’s measurement with sensors


LG will also be updated their product line with more AI capability, and take a more proactive approach to interact will the user. It will collect “lifestyle data to serve the users better.

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