After the fidget spinner trend is over, we are blessed with Mezmoglobe. A kinetic globe that creates a 360-degree optical illusion of a continuously flowing helix

There are plenty of oddly-satisfying trends science has got a solid explanation for. Let it be the rise of ASMR videos or fidget spinners for the millennials?  Until then, as one of the netizens, we are diving into another one.

There is something about the flowing motion tends to calm people down. The Mezmoglobe reminds us of a mini waterfall. One quick spin, the flowing illusion is indeed mesmerizing. We can stare at it all day, especially when it gets stressful in the office.

We have to admit, when we receive it off a Kickstarter campaign, our expectation was just a prototype that works. However, the actual quality exceeded our expectation. For a simple toy, the craft shows great quality. The spin is quiet and smooth. The motion is graceful. The globe feels heavy for its size, and we use it to keep papers on our desk.

It also comes in 5 different colors. You can check out more information on their Indiegogo page.

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