For any hardware maker to come to CES without an app is almost a sin. The Coral One cleaning robot is one of them. It doesn’t try to see if you are happy or not, or mining your data and send it to the cloud. Among all the gadgets we saw at CES, Coral Robot is perhaps the most honest of them all. It simply does what it set out to do.

The Coral One features a modular design. It works as a cleaning robot, and you can convert it into a portable vacuum cleaner.

What we like about the robot is how simple it is to use and it can actually clean.

Not to name any names, we have tested a lot of robot cleaners that can’t really clean. Coral has a suction power of 2.7 kPa (kiloPascals), which is higher than most robot cleaner in the market. For a full charge, the company said it would keep the robot running for 90 minutes.

It guides itself by using sensors to detect different surface and obstacles, and there is no app. If you need it, you can handhold it to clean your sofa.

One of the buzz words at CES is appliance powered by AI. It doesn’t matter what the company calls it (lifestyle data, connected mobility, emotion AI) your life has become one of the biggest commodity in the tech world. The Coral robot has no Bluetooth, Wifi capability, or a camera mounted on it.

George Ko, one of the founders of Coral Robot said they would not move forward with connect-ability until the company could make sure the data is safe.

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