Fuller Moto’s Futuristic 2029 Custom Motorcycle

The 1929 Majestic is an extraordinary French motorcycle from between the wars. The Majestic was revolutionary in 1929, and the ideas Georges Roy made into metal are still being explored by many motorcycle designers. And he was among the first industrial designers to grapple with mass-production techniques for auto manufacture.

Fuller 2029 has a fully enclosed sculptured aluminum body that draws inspiration from the legendary 1929 Majestic motorcycle. Some of its exterior components are 3D-printed using light-weight titanium, including the front stabilizer arm that shapes like an exquisite sword, and the uniquely designed steering plate on the hub.

Engineers modified the powertrain on a Zero Motorcycle FXS electric bike to make it fit into the Fuller 2029. The bike comes with a range of 100 miles and 78 ft-lbs of torque.

Fuller Moto is an automotive and motorcycle design and customization shop based in  Tucker, Georgia. It is inspired by Bryan Fuller‘s custom, hand-crafted, forged metal machines. Bryan Fuller is a builder, designer, author, and TV Personality.

Source from: Fuller Moto

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