Although we enjoying watching Micheal’s freaking out about machines taking over if the show didn’t end this Epson paper maker will put the company out of business.

The Epson Paperlab A-8000 is a dry-process paper-making system. It would shred used paper and makes paper in the same machine.

All you need is this massive machine, the paper coming out from the other end is indistinguishable from a brand new batch. You can even add color to it.

Conventional papermaking process involves a large sum of water, and leading to water pollution and other biohazard results that come with it. The A-8000 uses Epson’s dry fiber technology to be able to avoid that.

The machine allows you to dispose, and make paper in a limited amount of space and little extra resources. It could be installed easily in any back office. It also saves you the paper shredder and protects sensitive information.

The A-8000 won the Gold Award for the Good Design Award in Japan in 2017. The machine is only sold in Japan.

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