Architect ‘Robert Konieczny’ from ‘KWK Promes’ a Polish Company has a design of a safe house that combines functionality and aesthetics.

The house can lock itself up upon demand. Any space opens to outside threat can shut down automatically including doors, windows, and even the garden area. However, during low-risk periods these will open back up, so the resident could enjoy the natural sunlight inside.

Another attractive feature of the mobile element of the building is the massive roll down shutters which is made from an anodized aluminum material which also supplements as a movie projector when its dark outside.

While designing the house, the architect has taken good care of the aesthetics without compromising on the quality and elevation of the construction. Important needs like good sunlight, pleasant view of the garden, safe parking arena have been considered.

The defense mechanisms are powered by an electric engine and guard the house against few natural calamities like hurricanes, tornadoes and heavy winds.

While the intelligence in the application of these security measures required a lot of complex technical solutions, KWK Promes have taken humongous effort in redesigning the structure to suit the requirements and tastes of their client.

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