If you live in a hilly city like San Francisco, you know how difficult it could get trying to cycle around the city.

When I first moved to San Francisco, I attempted to conquer Nob Hill on my fixed gear Schwinn. It took me one minute, 30 feet, and a drenched shirt to realize why the city built cable cars in the first place. It doesn’t look like there’s any solution for cyclists until I came across CYCLOCABLE, and it turns out to exist since 1993.

CYCLOCABLE was invented in Norway. Essentially it’s a cable car for cyclists. In Trondheim, Norway, the system can move at five miles per hour and has carried more than 200,000 cyclists.

POMA, the company that installs the system said CYCLOCABLE is easy to maintain and uses electric to power cyclist uphill. 

With the rise of urban scooters, we can see the system expanded to cover more people, so we can have a cleaner city.


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