If you watched 2016’s Eurovision you will remember Jamala’s incredible final performance. If you are wondering how they did the stage design, it is powered by Front Picture. A company specialized in producing mesmerizing VR theater experience.

Now they are going even further with their Space 360 project. In a spherical theatre, motion graphic is projected on the sphere, and viewers are virtually transformed into a different universe.

This theater is currently located in South Korean’s Lucerium National Science museum. Viewers will step on a transparent bridge. And you can sit back and enjoy the world around you being transformed into a Norwegian forest or the Great Wall of China without the VR headsets.

If the project proved to be a success, it could change the filmmaking industry. Since the theater attendance in the U.S reached almost an all-time low, efforts to save it has less than effective to say the least (see the disastrous fate of movie pass). It is crucial to bring people into the theater and offer them an experience the audience cannot get at home.

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