The tech industry is constantly looking for the “next big thing.” While people are flocking towards virtual reality or augmented reality, consumer robots have been one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry.

The 6 legged spider-like HEXA robot is by no means a great consumer robot yet. There isn’t much you can do with it unless you are a programmer, plus the $1000 price tag won’t help the company sell hundreds of thousands of models.

However, it does provide great hardware for developers to explore. Like a smartphone, with the right operating system and software, this could be something a lot of us have in our house in ten years.

Hexa robot waves at the camera By Hexa

HEXA’s spider-like system gives it great maneuverability.  It has the ability to power through terrains without extra help. The robot is loaded with sensors, including an infrared transmitter, a camera with night vision, and distance measuring sensors. These sensors allow programmers to develop systems that help the robot to operate efficiently in a wide range of field.

The heat detecting system could help you monitor your pets, watch out for intruders, or even carry your plants to where the sun is. It could be the housesitter that never sleeps.

The HEXA team hope their product could be “life-changing” and even help with space exploration.

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