It’s not the first time we come across a backpack trying to do more than just carrying your stuff. EUME’s massager backpack’s concept sparked instant interest on the Kickstarter and it reached its goal in just one day. Maybe the world needs this hybrid of a massage chair and a backpack.

The backpack features four massagers on the back. The two on the top will fall on your shoulders, and the other two will be on your lower back.

The setup is straightforward, but you will need to have a 10000mah power bank go with it. Inside the bag, there is a slot you can place the power bank, and once you connect it with the USB slot the setup is finished.

We pressed the power button on the shoulder strap, and let the massage begin.

There are three different massage options, the shoulder, the lower back, or both at the same time.

Our verdict is the massage buttons feel like a massage chair and you can tighten the sternum and waist strap to add more pressure. You will feel some kind of vibration, but that’s as far as it will go. You won’t be able to adjust the intensity. And in terms of sound, it probably won’t attract much attention in a city public transit ambiance, but if you use it in a quiet room, it will definitely turn some heads.

The inside of the bag feels nice and shows decent quality. It has everything a daily bag should have, a laptop slot, a tablet slot, a key hanger, an inside water bottle slot and a variety of pouches. However, it still would be nice to have an exterior slot for the water bottle and a camera slot.

The charging slot is located in the lower left corner of the backpack

‘The exterior of the bag has some clever features, especially the USB outlet connected to the power bank inside of the bag. On the lower end of the shoulder strap, there are two USB portals you can charge your phone with. So if your phone is running low on battery on a long commute, you can use and charge it at the same time. The zipper shows good quality and has the anti-theft feature. Other than the main slot, you will find an additional accessible slot on the front of the bag if you need to reach something quick.

Overall, the bag is a decent quality bag and has some clever design. If you are looking for a real massage, this bag isn’t able to do that. However, considering the $99 price, it is a solid everyday bag that comes with an icebreaker feature.


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