Earlier this year, my best friend Eric, who lives in Paris, visited the immersive Vincent van Gogh show at the digital art museum L’Atelier des Lumières, where hundreds of the Dutchman’s paintings were transformed using art and music technology.

“I was not an art lover before, but I think I understand better what art is now,” I could not imagine how much this exhibition had impressed Eric that day, but his words made me curious. That’s when NETstarium popped up on my search list, a metaverse platform that both artists/creatives and visitors can access at will – anytime, anywhere.

If us visitors want to experience art properly, we have to visit an exhibition in person (sometimes we even have to pay for a ticket). I once got lost and spent half of the day trying to find an art exhibition in a neighboring town, and then had to pay a fine because I parked in the wrong area. I do not remember anything about the exhibition except the horrible traffic and the unnecessary fine that ruined my whole day.

In the post-pandemic world, we would expect to be able to visit art galleries and exhibitions not only in person, as more and more people have become accustomed to doing things online, where ideas and thoughts can be widely spread all around the world. NETstarium aims to create a space, a metaverse gallery, where people can share their art and ideas more easily and efficiently.

For us visitors, NETstarium is very easy to use. All we have to do is find the exhibition we want to see on the NETstarium site or paste the link into any browser. This means that we can enjoy and access NETstarium anytime, anywhere, as long as there is a desktop, smartphone, tablet or any other device with an internet connection.

If you are a creator or an artist, you can use NETstarium to display 3D objects instead of just paintings and images. With the technologies supported by NETstarium, you can also make accurate changes to the exhibition and simply place them directly.

Of course, you can also show their exhibitions to others by simply sharing the link and reach your audience from all over the world. When there is no app installation, it is much easier for everyone to participate and engage.

More importantly, instead of worrying about all the little annoyances and wasting energy and time on an exhibition, you can manage all the tasks in one place and focus more on your art. Even if something goes wrong, you always have the option to temporarily close the exhibition so you can solve the issues.

With all the conveniences NETstarium offers, you can see that it can be used not only for exhibitions, but also for pop-up stores, event promotion, business or school events. Click here to learn more about NETstarium and get ready for a new art world!

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