Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve found free-floating objects fascinating. I know it’s just magnets, but there’s something both very relaxing and intriguing about it. Humans are weird, aren’t we? We are into all sorts of cool stuff even when they’re not necessarily practical. Levitating devices were always in my childhood fantasies, I promised myself I would buy them all when I grew up and had lots of money (I did since grow up, but I’m still waiting for the “lots of money”). I personally love levitation tech, it’s something very simple that somehow still makes me feel closer to the future.

I still remember the excitement the Heng Balance Lamp gave me, the 2016 Reddot Award Winner. It was on the top of my wish list for a long time, and I eventually did purchase it. It still works and I love it still, but today I am going to introduce an even cooler levitating lamp to you: Circlo


We need to talk about the design first, what hit me the most is that the floating metal ball also functions as the single switch to control its different operations, all thanks to the company’s patented magnetic levitating system. They named it Flyswitch. You can turn on and off the light and select the colors you like by gently pressing the ball, and it feels really satisfying to do. Visually, Circlo is just a floating ball inside a ring light, its clean lines and timeless design make it fit in almost anywhere without being glaring. I can easily imagine it being on my office desk or living room side table, as both a lamp and a conversation piece.

Easy to set up

I have tried quite a few levitating lamps so far, the ones with strings like the Heng balance Lamp or half floating ones with auxiliaries are easy to set up, while some of the fully levitating lamps like Levituna are quite tricky. You need to find the balancing point and place the floating objects right at the center of the base, it usually takes several attempts to make it work. Sometimes floating objects won’t even stay in place if the surface is slightly tilted. I managed to make Circlo work at the very first attempt without using the setup tool…….

More worth mentioning

If you have pets, especially cats, at home, you will probably have the same worries as me. What if they swallow the ball? What if they slap it down? What if they decide to take it and hide it?  I have three cats, and I have lost count of how many glasses and figurines these monsters have ruined. They of course had to check out this lamp almost immediately after I placed it on my nightstand, but it turned out that they couldn’t take this ball, even when they tried to get through the ring and slap it down. The ball just falls down and sticks firmly to the base. But if you really want to keep them away, just spray some Citrus essential oil on the ball, trust me, it works!

I confirmed with Inovaxion International, the startup headquartered in France, that they are going to have more switch options in the future. You also can share your switch design ideas with them, and you may get a customized one. There are two versions for you to choose from: the RGB Mood Light Version and the Dimmable LED version. I am using the RGB Mood light one I received as a bedside lamp, if you want it dimmable, get the LED version. For more details click here.

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