Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy there is. However, if you live somewhere in the Midwest, you will know the sun could be elusive.

To combat this, SmartFlower developed a solar panel works like a sunflower. It folds itself at night, blossom in the morning, and chase after the sun all day.

SmartFlower does this with a tracker that helps the computer to process and adjust the setting. It is not just to look cool. When it folds itself at night, the brushes inside clean the panel and dust off the dirt. When there is an extreme weather event, it is helpful to have a panel that can fold itself. If you have an electric car, this will be the perfect match.

The company claims it is 40 percent more efficient than a traditional solar panel.

However, this comes with a steep price tag. The cheapest system is currently priced at $24,950, but if you live in the U.S, it also comes a 30 percent Federal Investment Tax Credit. Along with your neighbors’ envious look, it might just worth your money.

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  1. I don’t have money but iam in need of it i will afford it coming years anyhow thanks for nice product

    1. Hi Seridhar,
      You and I both!

  2. J’aimerais bien commercialiser votre produit dans mon pays je le trouve intéressant

  3. Where can I find is this

    1. Hi Yousaf, you can find them through the highlighted link in the article

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