The world of the keyboard is surprisingly diverse. Today we will bring you 6 of them that set themselves apart.


This retro keyboard might be the ultimate hipster gadget you can own. It pays homage to the classic American typewriter. At first glance, it feels solid, classy, along with a glass of cognac I’m ready to write the great American novel.

The metal turn bar, circle individual keys, and the scroll knob, the all-metal keyboard nailed the vintage look. On the other hand, the keyboard put a modern twist on the classic design. The metal key bar and the paper scroll knob respectively function as the return key and volume control. It could also be customized. It has all the modern feature of a modern keyboard

The keyboard has a built-in tablet holder and blue tooth connectivity. But it is a bit heavier and modern keyboards. It is not as loud as a typewriter, but your co-workers will definitely hear it.

It also comes with a steep price tag. It is currently available for $249, but if you already have a leather chairs and cherry wood desk, it’s not that much to add another piece to go with the classy vibe.

2. LG Rolly Keyboard KBB-700

LG’s wireless Rolly Keyboard is a basic keyboard that has all the thing you are looking for a modern keyboard. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows device via Bluetooth.

What makes it special is the easy-to-carry feature. You can roll the keyboard up, and put it in your pocket. The keyboard feels solid and comfortable. An AAA battery can power your keyboard up to four months.

The keyboard also has a built-in dock for smartphones and tablets. It is currently available for $89.99

3. Bastron glass keyboard

Well, to begin with, it’s made of glass. It’s the opposite of a mechanical keyboard, and it feels exactly what you expect, like typing on a piece of glass. If that’s your thing, this is the keyboard for you.

However, it does have its upside. The keyboard looks like a prop from a star war movie. The futuristic-looking keyboard is very easy to clean, and waterproof. Nothing will stick between keys. So, if you work in a biology lab, a hospital or you just like things REALLY clean without bacteria. This is for you. It also comes with gesture control. That means it functions as a trackpad.

All in all, the Bastron keyboard has all the usual amenity a modern keyboard has, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB connectivity option. It is currently available for $100.99

4. Microsoft foldable keyboard

Microsoft also has a foldable keyboard. It is spill resistance, less than a half of an inch thin. The keyboard folds a different way compared to the LG model. In the end, it really depends on the shape of your bag to determine which one you would prefer.

However, the Microsoft keyboard seems to be more advanced. It allows you to connect two devices at once. You can work on your laptop while typing on your phone with the same keyboard at once.

However, the design is a little different from a traditional keyboard. Since it is foldable in the middle, the keyboard has a gap in the middle, so it will take some time to get used to. It is currently available for $99.95.

5. Keyboardio 

Ok, it is expensive. A model 01 keyboard is available for $329. But before you skip on this, just to show how popular it is the model 01 has already has been sold out, and only can ship in September. Model 01 is the result of an obsession with design, and rigorous testing consisting of hundreds of trials and errors.

Straight out of the box, it doesn’t look like anything we have seen before. The keyboard is made from solid maple wood. Each keyboard requires precision modeling.

The next thing you will notice it is not a keyboard. The model 01 has two pieces of the keyboard, and you can adjust the position based on your hand. The keys are flat. They are sculpted to guide your finger, and the layout is adjusted to the natural position of human hands.

The developer made the technology open source. You will get a screwdriver and all the source code. So you can buy parts, recode, and do anything you want with this impressive keyboard. You can get it for $329.

6. Serafim virtual keyboard

This keyboard is objectively insane to look at. First of all, there is no physical keyboard. The keys are projected onto a surface like a hologram. All you need is a small box and connect it to your device.

The sensor will interpret a user’s movement on the hologram keyboard and translate it onto the screen. You can also choose the music option. It can transform the regular keyboard into piano keys. For DJs, this might be a simple tool to keep the party going. It is currently available for $118

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