Human Hoist is a product specially designed for people who have to work in unnatural positions for an extended period of time on a daily basis. It offers workers additional support to save them from chronical injuries developed from muscle strains. The product can not only prevent injuries, but also improve efficiency, and help improve the speed and execution of work.

The product has a user-friendly mechanism wherein the user explicitly sees it as a potential power system supporting the back, knee, and neck areas, enabling the user to work with more speed, ease, and comfort.

The frame of this chair is made of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum chassis with dual 28-volt batteries which provides enough power to run for a whole day.

Interestingly, it has a five-position adjustable headrest and automatic multi-position locking backrest adjustable with every degree enabling the user to adjust it as per his or her convenience.

Overall, the product is a very innovative creation, one of its kind in the market, most comfortable and ergonomic chair with a lifetime frame warranty.

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  1. Does this product actually exist? I see this listing is 4 years old.

    WHo sells them, and what’s the price? THanks.

    1. Hi, you can find more details on their official FB page:, or official website:

  2. Ben bu ürünü nasıl temin edebilirim

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