This week we want to bring all kinds of bikes for you, the ones that will change the way you commute, the ones that might bring you endless fun weekend adventure, and the ridiculous one.

1. GI Fly

Ok, we might be a little biased on this company, but sharing a name doesn’t mean we are related. This bike might be the perfect urban commuter bike you are looking for especially if you live in New York City, where full electric bikes aren’t allowed.

This is the bike you ride with your own power and go 40 miles with electric power. You can fold it and take it on the subway or your office in one second.  The design is futuristic and incredibly practical. It has a phone slot you can link to your phone and see the map. It even comes with a lock and safe light. It is currently available for $2729.

2. String Bikes

This bike is fast. It’s lightweight. It’s slick. And it’s not your normal Tour de France bike. The aptly named string bike doesn’t use chains. Instead, it uses two sets of string system to pull forward and transform that energy into speed. It doesn’t have the traditional noise of a traditional drivetrain bike. The motion is not circular either.

Altogether, with less friction, it makes the 19-gear bike a monster on the road. The E-Line series completed the race across America, which is 3500 miles in 11 days and 20 hours. And it rides both ways. It is available now from $3478 to $4533.  

3. Halfbike

We feel like this might be the bike we want to get. It looks like a hybrid of a skateboard and a bike. Its compact, and you can fit in the skate park on one of these. The rider controls the bike with your whole body, and you can direction like a skateboard, with your body weight. It might look easy, but trust me. It’s not. It requires some coordination at first, but once you get comfortable, it’s a lot of fun. It is currently available for $599.

4. Manta 5

How can we talk about crazy bikes without something that runs on water? Designed by a New Zealand company, Manta 5 soon will be available for pre-ordering later this year. It will run in the ocean. It will run in the lakes. You can ride it with your own power, or it can be powered by electric power.

5. GeoOrbital

If you already have a bike, this might be your thing. Now you can add electric power to your regular bike in 60 seconds, by replacing your bike wheels with one that powered by GeoOrbital. You can get 12-17 of fully electric powered miles without pedaling. GeoOrbital was developed by engineers from SpaceX and Ford. It is currently listed at $995 and $1495 for larger wheel option. It is available for ordering in the U.S.

6. Vycle

Well unless you have a big yard and some brick wall, or you want to see something ridiculous, you can scroll past this one. Vycle is a bicycle that doesn’t go around. It goes up and down. Adhered to a wall, it functions as a lift. However, it doesn’t carry more than one person, and you have to work for it to get up on the second floor. At best this would be a novelty workout machine. I’ll keep using the ladder and stairs for going up and down in the meantime.

7. Cardigo

How do you feel about burning twice as many calories on a Cardigo bike versus a regular bike? The answer isn’t riding farther or faster, or going on against a hill. This bike changes the frame structure and extends the middle section, so you can push and pull with your upper body while pedaling. You can adjust the resistance, and how far the motion goes. Well, is this a better solution? We will let you decide. But I for one think you might look a bit ridiculous on one of these. The good thing is, the product is ready to go by the end of the year, and you will get a 30 percent discount by signing up for their newsletter now. The bike will be around $750-$1250.  

8. Me-Mover

I’m not going to lie. It is a bit of a stretch to call this a bike. It’s for people who love eclipse machine and want to go somewhere at the same time. It is advertised to be able to strengthen your core and lower body. You can select the range of motion according to your need. It is currently available at $1799

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