The majority of the fatal injuries due to falls on stairs could be attributed to age 65 or older according to the National Safety Council. A lot of senior citizens are at risk. However, the traditional solution (a full electric lift system) takes away the active lifestyle. Assistep’s concept struck a middle ground in the dilemma.

The system works like a regular walker and attaches to your stairs. It consists of a rail along the stairs and a handle to support the user. By pushing the handle down, it locks its position down on the rail and can be unlocked by the user simply by lifting it up.

People of all age who need the additional support could use the system, from children who suffer from cerebral palsy to adults who are going through rehabilitation. The system helps a spectrum of people in need.

Assistep currently offers direct support in 6 European countries, including Austria, Germany, Netherland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, while adding more countries to the list. Compared to the motorized model, it is a lot lighter and simpler to install and use. Or if you already have a handrail, the Assistepcan be mounted over it.

The system could be installed on any stairs with a minimum width of 60 cm (23.6 inches).

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