Prinker is a device that can get you temporary tattoos in seconds. It is pain-free, and last about three days.

Through the Prinker app, you can either select a pre-installed design or you can create your own. The device will download the design from the app and put the design on your skin in less than three seconds.

The temporary tattoos are water resistant and can be washed off with soap. The temporary tattoos can last up to three days.

A single cartridge enough sufficient ink to perform about 1500 designs on skin. The cartridges of the device are filled with eco-friendly cosmetic ink that is made of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved ingredients.

One of the best features of Prinker is that the tattoos are instant and painless. It claims the ink is safe for almost all skin types and even for children. The device is portable for its compact shape.

Currently, Prinker is based in South Korea. The current version is intended for business users and is available for interested corporate users. The device will be soon available for sale in China and the U.S.

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