If you had cat owners vote on one dream feature they would like to see in a smart cat litter box, I bet that litter bag self-refilling would be at the top of the list. Furbulous, a smart cat litter box that not only automatically cleans itself, but also packs and refills the litter bag for you – finally someone has discovered this pain point and decided to do something about it.

The designers behind Furbulous think auto-packing is essential, as it’s not just about providing a hands-free solution for people, but also about creating a healthier environment for cats who use the litter box every day. The trash box of a conventional auto-cleaning cat litter box holds used litter for up to a week or even longer. The used litter in the trash box promotes the growth of deadly aflatoxin mold, which is harmful to cats and the environment. The technology of packing and sealing inside the trash box avoids all these concerns.

As a cat lover, I know how annoying it is to clean the litter box every morning and dispose of the waste before you even have a chance to drink coffee. That’s why two years ago we decided to get a smart litter box. As a tech writer, one of the perks of my job is that I get to try out new products all the time, including some smart litter boxes.

If you have read my previous articles on pet supplies, you probably know that safety is always top of mind when choosing products, because we know it’s just as important to our customers. In our last article about smart litter boxes, we pointed out how unreliable some sensors are because they are inside the litter box and get eroded or damaged so they do not work properly after a short time. And we have also seen some clever designs for how to prevent injuries. Furbulous’ solution is, in our opinion, one of the best on the market today.

Furbulous features the Lifeguard system, which includes seven sensors not only inside the litter box but also on the outside to detect your cat’s movements and weight changes. Furbulous stops operating as soon as it detects that the cat is nearby and accidentally jumps in/on the unit. Its anti-pinch structure also ensures that your furry friends will never get stuck in the globe.

Imagine how good it feels when you want to clean the cat litter as usual and find that there is not much to do. Furbulous’ smart cleaning feature can automatically circulate and filter the litter to ensure a healthy and clean litter box. The movable entry door and built-in Mobius strip-inspired litter box tunnel allow you to empty unwanted litter with just one click. I found these features even more relevant at this moment because two of my beloved cats recently decided not to bury their “gifts”. Sometimes they even use the floor or carpet as “tissue” because they are too fat and lazy to wash themselves properly.

Compatible with all types of clumping cat litter, Furbulous’shell-shaped filter screen only removes clumps and stores the clean litter for the next use. The litter bed inside the globe is made of a non-stick, waterproof, and scratch-resistant polyester fabric and has an integrated sealing strip that prevents urine leakage.

In addition, Furbulous is very easy to clean as the globe, filter screen and cat litter bed can be easily disassembled and washed under running water. Made of corrosion-resistant material, the globe has an LED display with simple information and details for added convenience such as side handles and a flat top.

Most people wait until the waste bag is full and then empty it. Furbulous reminds you when this happens with an alarm. You can also bag the litter waste anytime you want once the unit finishes cleaning.

Since the bag is sealed to prevent odors, mold, and fungus from getting out, you do not have to worry about getting your hands dirty or making a mess. Furbulous also contains a GHS-approved deodorizer that always balances unpleasant odors with a fresh, clean scent that refreshes the cat litter without bothering your cat.

As I mentioned earlier, Furbulous notifies you when the litter bag is full via the accompanying app. You’ll find many other features in the app that allow you to control, manage, and personalize it. With the help of the information provided by the app, you can get an overview of your cat’s health, as you can easily identify problems such as irregular bowel movements and weight changes.

For large cats and families with multiple cats, there is also an extra-large globe option that is suitable for almost every cat. The large entrance allows the cat to easily turn around and prevents litter from splashing out when digging over “gifts”.

At the time of writing, Furbulous has made a splash on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, with more than 600 backers. Get one for your little “angels” and hope they appreciate it too.

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