South Korea, known as one of the most culturally exquisite countries in the world, has given us the Korean wave “Hallyu”, led by the popularity of K-pop with outstanding artists like BTS and Blackpink. It is also the most successful Asian country in gaining a foothold in the American mainstream entertainment market, previously dominated by domestic, British, and European brands. The global awareness and popularity of Korean culture and entertainment are growing rapidly with the help of the Internet and social media. There are more and more people who fall in love with Korean culture and even want to start their own careers within it.

Today, we introduce the very first K-Content app: The Director. Here you will find all kinds of lectures given by mentors and pioneers in various fields from traditional Korean culture to K-pop. The app is designed for people who are interested in the Korean entertainment industry, but also for those interested in the country’s culture. The app also aims to help people who want to start their K-Content career.

The list of speakers and mentors includes many names you probably know if you are already familiar with this industry: visual director Kim Balko, who has worked with BTS and BLACKPINK; actor John D. Michaels, who starred in Squid Game; James An, who participated in the popular series Show Me the Money 10; songwriter Shorelle, who composed for ITZY; and the list goes on. More and more famous and respected speakers from different countries will join in later, helping you gain a broader perspective in their fields.

Through their talks and lectures, you will not only learn about their career paths and the behind-the-scenes of production but also get invaluable career advice and useful tips in their respective fields. More importantly, you’ll also learn through their trials and errors to overcome difficulties and culture shocks as you build your own career.

The topics covered by the speakers range from producing and writing K-pop songs, to experiences as a foreign actor in South Korea, to business and finance; providing you with valuable and unique content you will not find anywhere else. Thanks to the clear and simple user interface, it is easy to find your favorite category.

As the first Korean educational platform, The Director hopes to help people who want to start or resume their professional journey in South Korea, create a space where they can hear directly from successful industry figures, expand their knowledge of South Korea and its traditions in business, entrepreneurship, fashion, and much more, clearing their uncertainties while helping avoid many unnecessary mistakes.

The Director is now currently available on both the Apple App store and Google Play Store, offering a month-long free trial to new users, showing the team’s faith in their excellent product! Go download it now, and check it out for yourself.

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