Have you heard of photocatalytic oxidation or PCO? I will admit I had to look it up myself, and I will try to quickly summarize what it is: Photocatalytic Oxidation is an eco-friendly purification technology, using a light-activated catalyst reacting with, or oxidizing, organic pollutants into harmless compounds (largely CO2 and water). It’s used to clean both surface and air. PCO purifiers work at the molecular level, meaning they are able to remove air contamination far smaller than what can be filtered, so they can be used to break down not just organic pollutants (airborne viruses, toxins, bacteria, allergens) but also common household odors. Today I am going to introduce you to a palm-sized PCO air purifier – AIR6Plus.

How big is your air purifier? Mine, residing in the bedroom, is the size of a standard kitchen trash can, with its top surface wide enough that my cats really enjoy both sitting and jumping on it. Sometimes they even topple it, despite its heavyweight (one of my cats is morbidly obese). Judging by its size, it’s hard to believe how powerful the palm-sized AIR6Plus really is. With its patented 3D PCO multiplier technology, negative ion technology, and a nano PCO washable filter, AIR6Plus can sanitize the air by breaking down harmful particles as tiny as 0.001μm(micron) in a space up to 360 square feet/ 33.4 square meters (the usual size of a living room). Don’t take my words for it, there is a third-party report, showing that the percentage of MS2 RNA Virus goes from 100% to 0.07% in just 120 minutes. I tried placing AIR6Plus near the cat litter box for a couple of days, to test its ability to remove bad odors, I did notice the room being much less dusty and fresher.

The 3-dimensional layout and multiple PCO layers boost AIR6Plus’ purification rate, and the Carbon Brush Anion technology allows it to generate 20 Million per second negative ions to reduce 99.9% PM2.5 aerosol pollutants all without producing ozone. You may know ozone as a good thing, the ozone layer high up in the atmosphere protects us against radiation, but ozone at ground level is damaging to both humans and pets.

My favorite design choice on AIR6Plus is its magnetic base, unlike HEPA filters that often need quite a few steps to complete the replacement, it can be easily detached and reattached. The PCO filter at the base will filter out most large particles (dust, cat hair, lint), and it can be washed and reused, so no future filter replacement is needed.

There are three fan speed settings for you to choose from, you can adjust it by simply pressing the button on the top. In sleeping mode, you can barely hear any noise from it, at one point, I thought it stopped working, but the breathing light reassured my worry. Even on turbo mode, when it works at its full capacity, the noise is still totally acceptable. The power consumption of AIR6Plus is also impressive, 13W is basically a third of my old Panasonic HEPA filter.

AIR6Plus has many benefits and will definitely contribute to our respiratory health and air quality. I have tried it in my office as well as a house for a decent while, and it doesn’t compromise on efficiency despite its compact size. You don’t need to worry about noise nor filter replacement, it’s a great air filter for any room.

You can find AIR6Plus for sale in three different colors on their website, and with a price tag of just $199, it’s very competitive compared to similar products! Click here to preorder and learn more details.

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