Just after finishing my studies, I rented a small apartment with a single bedroom. There was this one thing that exhausted me the most after a long day at my internship: doing the dishes, one of the most hideous tasks in the world, which robbed me of the last bit of energy.

In retrospect, I could not have fit a dishwasher, even though I desperately needed one, because there was only one sink, one stove, and one refrigerator in my tiny kitchen – no room for another person, let alone a huge dishwasher.

When I saw the MAXXwasher Pro, the appliance I am going to introduce to you today, those memories came flooding back. I still miss those days in my tiny apartment, except for having to wash all those dishes. Had I owned this product back then, I might have had more time to focus on some of the many other things I needed to complete.

Let me try to explain the tech: The MAXXwasher Pro is an ultrasonic device that can turn your sink into a kitchen washer. From dishes to food ingredients (and even seafood) to vegetables and toys, whatever fits in your sink: MAXXwasher Pro can get it clean!

We have been using ultrasound for decades in many applications: diagnostic imaging, breaking up kidney stones, crack detection, etc. But do you know how ultrasonic cleaning works?

The MAXXwasher Pro, an ultrasonic generator that is immersed in a tank, it creates ultrasonic waves in the liquid by changing the size in interaction with an electrical signal that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency of 40,000 times per second. This creates compression waves that rip the liquid apart, leaving behind many millions of vacuum/cavitation bubbles with tremendous energy and pressure that can act directly on any surface to remove stains and dirt.

The company claims that the MAXXwasher Pro also works well without detergents. This is largely due to its patented MAXXcatalyst technology, which passes electricity through metal plates, breaking down water molecules and releasing millions of microbursts into the water. After the process, the decomposed water molecules turn back into their original form and leave no residue (they can even decompose the smell of ammonia).

By combining High Ultrasonic and MAXXcatalyst Tech, the MAXXwasher Pro can remove heavy metals, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and even dirt that has accumulated on surfaces. The entire process does not generate heat, so you do not have to worry about it affecting the freshness and flavor of fruit or meat.

All you have to do is plug it in, submerge it under the water in the sink, and then sit back and let it do its magic. It uses much less water and energy than a traditional dishwasher and is just as convenient, or even more so. What I like most about the MAXXwasher Pro is that it can be used by basically any family, regardless of home size or cleaning needs (you can’t wash food in a dishwasher, no matter what). It also lets you choose between five different modes for different items, which differ in operating time.

The MAXXwasher Pro machine takes an old and tested technology and combines it with new innovative technology to provide people with a new kitchen cleaning solution that will make life easier.

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