BAIC DATA together with Huawei will launch an electric car – ARCFOX HBT, the first model of ARCFOX αS HBT series, which will be presented at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021. And “HBT” stands for “HUAWEI BluePark TOGETHER”.

In September 2017, BAIC Group and Huawei announced cooperation on the “1873 Davidson Innovation Lab” to jointly develop high-end intelligent electric vehicles.


In October 2020, the ARCFOX αT, equipped with Huawei’s latest intelligent network connection and AI vehicle system, was delivered to the market.

According to BAIC DATA, in December 2020, Huawei officially launched its 96-wire medium and long-range LiDAR system. Huawei’s LiDAR has many application scenarios, including small obstacles at a distance, proximity congestion, proximal protrusions, tunnels, left turns at intersections, and high-speed vehicle detection. Huawei is about to reduce the cost of LiDAR to $ 200, or even to $ 100.

The ARCFOX αS HBT equipped with Huawei’s LiDAR system will be unveiled in April this year. The HBT is also gearing up with 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 cameras, and 13 ultrasonic radars.

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