Lego built this functional Bugatti Chiron with mainly Lego pieces, including the engine. This car has almost all the elements of a real Chiron. The smooth curvy exterior design, the iconic rear light bar, and even the spoiler that goes up and down on demand.

The engineers set out to build over 90 percent of the car with Lego pieces, including the engine. The result is a drivable Bugatti Chiron that weighs 1.5 tons (3,307 pounds), and they managed to power it with an engine made entirely with Lego parts.

In the end, it is probably easier and cheaper to buy a Bugatti Chiron straight from the store. But with smart engineering, 13,500 hours of hard work, and over one million pieces of Lego. The Bugatti Chiron is running in Germany on a real Bugatti test track.

The Lego Bugatti takes its source of energy from a battery, but the engine was made entirely of Lego technics. It could reach a top speed of 13 mph. You can see it in Italy at the Grand Prix for its public debut. You can build your own Bugatti Chiron (Not real size) Here

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