This village of rammed earth domes adds a dash of color to Iran’s Hormuz island.

About the project

Re-constructing the village is a part of @zavarchitects ‘ “Presence in Hormuz” project, which aims to bring more power and vitality to the community, by making a series of urban development.  The domed accommodation was designed to encourage tourists to the forgotten island of Hormuz and while being an alternative accommodation for the locals.

Background story

Hormuz island is in the Persian Gulf, the mostly forgotten “land of colors” in the Strait of Hormuz, 5km from the mainland, and southeast of Hormuzgan province.

The island was once settled by tens of thousands but its population has fallen below 10,000. Many people have been unemployed since relations with Oman, an important trading partner, soured during the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005-2013). In recent years, with the absence of hotels across the islands, people have begun turning their homes into restaurants and hostels to attract more tourists.

The colorful domes

The colorful appearance of the project represents the outstanding colorful surreal landscapes on Hormuz island. The dome-shaped houses are designed by  Iran-born architect Nader Khalili. These domes are designed on a rather smaller scale in accord with the building capabilities of local craftsmen and unskilled workers.

Although the majority of them are now used for accommodation purposes, other domes can accommodate various pragmatic functions, such as laundry room, dining room, café, prayer room, and even a tourist center.

Source from: ZAV Architects

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