Have you ever wished you could watch your favorite shows, movies, or games on a big screen no matter where you go? Well, now you can, thanks to LG’s first smart TV briefcase and also the first of its kind on the market: StanbyME Go.

StanbyME Go is a portable display and entertainment center that gives you a great entertainment experience wherever you go, without sacrificing convenience or quality. You can easily carry it around with its handle and open it up whenever you want to enjoy some entertainment.

This briefcase-like device houses a 27-inch touchscreen attached to an integrated stand that lets you tilt, rotate, raise, and lower at will. You can use the device in landscape mode for movies and rotate it 90 degrees in portrait mode to use social media, or simply lay it flat in table mode to enjoy board games and music. The webOS smart TV software is easy to use and adds charm to this already versatile device: you can stream content from various platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

You do not have to worry about damaging the device while traveling or outdoors, because it’s built to last from the start: Its metal exterior protects the screen and components inside, and its obstacle avoidance system can prevent it from bumping into anything while on the move.

There are some important features that you should not overlook: StanbyME Go has a 20W Dolby Vision Atmos speaker system that delivers immersive sound quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a USB and HDMI port for connecting other devices. The built-in battery lasts for up to three hours of wireless viewing per charge (enough to watch two episodes of your favorite show or even a soccer game). You can charge it from a power outlet or from a solar panel that can be attached to the roof of the device.

StanbyME Go costs $999.99 and is available for pre-order now. It will begin shipping in mid-October 2023. Whether you are a traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or looking for something innovative and fun, StanbyME Go is a great entertainment solution for all at a reasonable price.

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