Back in 2019, Bentley announced the plan of re-creating 12 of its legendary race car Blower which played a vital role in the marque’s history. After more than 40,000 hours of work, the first concept Car Zero has finally been unveiled.

The Blower Continuation Series is produced by the famous Bentley Mulliner workshop. In order to preserve the originality of the Blower, they used the original, pre-depression-era molds of the 1929 vehicle. Only a few modern techniques are used such as 3D-scanning. The team also created more than 2,000 individually designed and hand-crafted parts. Featuring the best Blower engine, the Car Zero can reach a speed of nearly 140mph.

12 exclusive customer cars of this series, which are all pre-sold and specified, will be built in the future.

The next step of this program is to test its functionality and durability through a series of duration and speed sessions.

Source from: Bentley

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