HMD Global, the company behind the revitalized Nokia brand, is shaking up the budget smartphone category with its newest devices. The focus isn’t just on competitive prices, but a commitment to making their phones easily repairable by the average user.”We understand that people don’t want to constantly upgrade their phones,” said an HMD Global spokesperson. “With our new focus on repairability, we’re aiming to create affordable devices that can truly last for years.”

HMD Global has partnered with iFixit, the renowned electronics repair experts, to offer easy self-repair kits for their new line of phones. These kits include all the essential tools and replacement parts, like batteries, screens, and charging ports. The company promises clear step-by-step instructions designed for even novice repair enthusiasts.

This move addresses consumers’ growing frustration with the cost and complexity of modern smartphone repairs. Instead of expensive service centers and long wait times, HMD Global empowers users to keep their devices functional with minimal effort.

At the forefront are the HMD Pulse phone series, comprising three models: the Pulse, Pulse Pro, and Pulse Plus. These devices boast proficient processors, decent cameras, and the latest Android 14, all offered at accessible price points: starting at €140 for the Pulse, €160 for the Pulse Plus, and €180 for the Pulse Pro. HMD pledges to provide support for up to two major OS updates along with three years of security patches.

HMD Global’s emphasis on repairability isn’t just about convenience; it speaks to a growing desire for sustainable technology. By extending the lifespan of their phones, the company aims to reduce electronic waste and promote a more responsible approach to device ownership. HMD Global hasn’t released the trio in the US market. Instead, a single model called the ‘HMD Vibe’ will be available for around $150. While not explicitly stated, it seems likely the Vibe is based on the standard HMD Pulse phone.

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