In addition to the new MacBook Pro, Apple also unveiled the AirPods 3 and the new HomePod mini with new colors. Let us take a look at them!

Listening to music at home has become a part of everyday life for many people, and in the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod mini is the favorite of many users. This year, Apple has introduced us to a more colorful HomePod mini. In addition to the original black and white color scheme, the HomePod mini has yellow, blue and orange color schemes, which can also adapt to different home styles. On Apple Music, Apple has unveiled a brand new subscription offering. The new “voice control program” can help us control the songs we want to listen to via voice command.

The design is the main reason why users renew the AirPods. The headset box of AirPods 3 also looks small this time, it looks like a scaled-down version of AirPods Pro, and the shape of the headset also takes into account the cochlea, so it fits better. At the same time, the AirPods 3 are sweat and water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about accidentally damaging the earphones by water getting in when you are exercising or when it’s raining.

To help give everyone a good listening experience with AirPods 3, AirPods 3 also support the custom EQ feature of AirPods Pro. By adjusting the audio frequency, we can listen to the music that is best for us. Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos, which are well received by users, are also included in the AirPods 3.

As for battery life, the AirPods 3 offers 6 hours of battery life and the longest talk time is 4 hours. Moreover, the charging box can be charged up to 4 times, so you can listen for up to 30 hours in total. Besides wired charging, the AirPods 3 also support wireless charging via MagSafe.

In my opinion, buying the new AirPods 3 does not make much sense if you are still using the AirPods Pro. That’s because the AirPods 3 have improved many features that the AirPods Pro also have, and the Pro also supports the noise cancelation feature. However, if you have never been exposed to AirPods products or are still using the previous generation AirPods, the new headphones are definitely the right choice for you.

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