If you have or have experienced a smart home, you will know that one of the most interesting things about it is the ability to control lighting in a way that is both more accessible and more convenient. Now Signify – the company best known for the Philips Hue brand – is taking this to a new level with a feature called SpaceSense.

Briefly explained, SpaceSense is a smart way to automate lighting. Wi-Fi technology is used here to “detect” that someone is moving around the room. In theory, this should work much like a motion detector, but all you actually need are two “smart” light bulbs controlled via Wi-Fi.

This is the technology behind it:

The beauty of the SpaceSense functionality is that you do not need any additional hardware or sensors to detect movement – provided the light bulbs you use are compatible with the technology. Signify-owned WiZ is behind the special Wi-Fi functionality, which can otherwise be used optionally via the new WiZ app.

Instead, the system uses the Wi-Fi signals you already have. The Wi-Fi light bulbs can detect motion and automatically turn on when someone enters a room. However, it is not a technology that can accurately identify or track locations in a room. One advantage over traditional motion sensors or cameras is that Wi-Fi lights can detect motion in all directions. However, at least two such lights are needed in the room, as they must work together to detect relevant variations in signal strength.

According to Signify itself, the feature will be usable with “most new products launched after 2021 and all Connected by WiZ products – including the WiZ brand, Philips Smart LED, and other OEM and private label brands.” The plan is for WiZ’s website to eventually include a list or something similar of compatible products. WiZ is also launching new outdoor lighting and rooftop light panels.

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