I’ve always had a fondness for craft beer, yet the prospect of brewing my own seemed daunting. With its intricate equipment and precise techniques, homebrewing appeared to be a hobby with a steep learning curve. However, when iGulu F1 landed on our list of items to test, I felt compelled to give it a shot, if only to satisfy my curiosity.

Described on its official website as an automated home brewing machine, the iGulu F1 promises to simplify the process of brewing beer and other fermented beverages at home, making it easy and convenient. While the idea sounded appealing, I wondered if this machine could truly deliver the quality and flexibility as promised. Keep reading; there are some intriguing caveats (also an exclusive coupon code) to explore along with the answer.

First and foremost, iGulu F1 alleviated my initial fears with its One-Click Mode. This feature eliminates the guesswork from brewing with its intuitive design, allowing even beginners like myself to select their desired drink, press a button, and let the machine handle the entire process. Additionally, the machine incorporates RFID card reading to further streamline setup and minimize errors. I even invited my colleague to try it out – she managed to craft a surprisingly tasty pale ale on her first attempt!

Despite gaining confidence from three successful attempts, I found myself hesitant to delve into Master Mode experimentation. While I’ve found satisfaction with the preset recipe’s results thus far, I’m wary of jeopardizing my brews due to my limited experience. Master Mode offers control over brewing variables such as temperature, duration, and pressure. I envision seasoned brewers reveling in this mode, allowing them to tailor recipes or craft their own unique brewing styles.

While iGulu F1 shines in beer brewing, its potential stretches far beyond. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of kombucha my colleague concocted using it, and just recently, we discussed its potential for crafting delightful cider. This adaptability makes it likely to be used more frequently and a superb choice for those interested in experimenting with diverse fermented beverages.

There are a few additional functionalities that I haven’t had the chance to fully explore, but they definitely deserve a mention. Firstly, the machine comes equipped with an automatic pressure management and temperature control system, ensuring not only safety but also consistently high-quality results. Furthermore, for added convenience, you can manage F1 through its dedicated app, allowing you to monitor and adjust fermentation and cooling processes in real time. With the integration of a CO2 cylinder, iGulu F1 can keep your brew fresh for up to 30 days, enhancing carbonation and refining mouthfeel. Alternatively, carbonation can be achieved through the Air Mode feature using its built-in air pump.

iGulu F1 does come with a slightly higher price tag of $699 (We have an exclusive discount for our fans and readers: Use code GI100 to enjoy $100 off your F1 purchase), and for some dedicated traditional brewers, it may not fully replace the hands-on joy of a full brew day. However, its impressive ease of use and versatility as a beverage maker make it an accessible and practical tool for beginners and any homebrewer looking to expand their repertoire and elevate their craft. Whether you’re diving into homebrewing or simply adding another exciting tool to your brewing arsenal, iGulu F1 is well worth considering.

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