Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really like a bag except for one detail or limitation of color options, or in a dilemma where you have to compromise because you can not have everything you want in a bag.

My colleague keeps mentioning his preference for customization and that it’s finally becoming a trend, and I very much share his thoughts. As women, we are admittedly much more accustomed to matching accessories to our looks, and especially picky when it comes to products like bags, we make our choices based on various personal preferences, styles, and moods. Remember the frustration when that bag you liked so much in the store had a bow embellishment that could not be removed!

A.bell, a designer brand that has been making more than 400 high-end handbags for 12 years, has partnered with AIVAR for a project that allows customers to customize its new collection of high-end designer bags in a virtual showroom. (AIVAR is a company that develops a metaverse fashion platform and provides IT solutions for the fashion industry).

The project aims to give customers the opportunity to purchase premium quality bags at an affordable price and customize them to their style and taste.

FAEDA tannery is a traditional Italian tannery that has been producing premium leather since 1956. The raw material used is cowhide from North America, which is one of the high-quality cowhides to maximize the soft texture. Ople leather used on some bags is a tough and durable type of leather that is scratch resistant.

You have 72 design options to choose from with different designs, colors, buckles and straps to suit your taste. Each bag comes with leather and chain straps that you can easily change to match your daily look. Also, different types of leather were used for each color to maximize the beauty of each color.

And also remember that you can view all aspects of the product in 3D. You can shop at the virtual showroom, designed by AIVAR with great details for an immersive shopping experience, and try different styles at home anytime with the click of a mouse.

All of A.Bell’s buckles and straps are originally designed and created. The patterns on the buckles are inspired by traditional Korean prints on clothing and architecture.

The straps are easy to attach and detach, so you can change the style of the bag. We all know that a chain strap goes well with a formal look, while a leather strap goes with any style.

Last but not least, the webbing strap, which is only available in the ELLA line, looks great with a small pocket on it. The new collection of bags is also designed to have enough space for all your daily necessities while being elegant and stylish.

A.Bell has also prepared a limited edition with luxurious Korean decorations from Korean royal images. This special edition combines classic patterns with modern design, expressing the unique beauty of the royal family’s signature pattern – the flower of the empress.

They are now on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, click here to learn more details and design a bag for yourself!

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