Gone are the days when dirt and dust were sucked up and blown back into the room like a failed magic trick. With today’s product, Hizero F100, you can rest easy knowing you will not be breathing in clouds of dust while cleaning.

Compared to traditional vacuums that suck up dirt, Hizero F100’s patented UltimateClean™ technology works more like a tongue that licks up everything it touches. The high-density polymer roller is the “tongue” behind this unique cleaning method. It’s gentle yet resilient, picking up everything from solid debris to liquids with ease. Hizero F100 is versatile enough to handle all your sealed hard floors, from natural and engineered timber to porcelain and marble tiles.

And the best part? It will not scratch your floors or leave behind unpleasant odors, so you can enjoy a fresh and clean home. It’s soft and super absorbent, gently removing any dirt from the floor as if you were mopping with a dry and clean mop.

Plus, with its unique built-in water flow system, the polymer roller stays sparkling clean while you clean your floors, so you do not have to worry about pesky after-cleaning procedures. 

At first glance, Hizero F100 may seem a bit bulky and heavy, but do not let its appearance fool you. It’s actually designed to be lightweight and effortless to use. Its low center of gravity provides powerful cleaning performance without adding weight, making handling and maneuvering a breeze. 

What’s more, F100 features automatic forward motion, so you can slide effortlessly over your floors and surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean. So you can count on the F100 to deliver a thorough cleaning power without straining or tiring out your muscles. No need to break a sweat, just let Hizero F100 do the dirty work for you.

Unlike traditional mops that leave excess water on the floor after each use, Hizero F100 features AirDry technology that minimizes the amount of water needed to clean your floor. And do not forget its flexibility, Hizero F100 has a 20-degree angle that lets you get under furniture quickly and easily.

With a noise level of a mere 60 dB, no louder than a silent conversation between friends, Hizero F100 stands out from most vacuum cleaners on the market, which can reach up towards 85dB. With a cordless runtime of up to 80 minutes, you can tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks without worrying about recharging. Its 700 ml water tank, also allows you to clean more floors with fewer refills.

We know that waste disposal can be a real hassle, but Hizero’s innovative design automatically separates all waste for you: Dirty liquids go into one tank, solids into another, and hair is effortlessly caught by the brush roller. In the package, you will also find a handy gadget that will help you get rid of annoying long hairs easily.

Hizero F100 is a breakthrough hard floor cleaner that delivers exceptional cleaning performance while promoting a healthy living environment. With its innovative technologies and user-friendly design, the Hizero F100 is a must-have for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to get their floors clean.

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