With the first phase of Version 1.0 ( Seele’s banner ) already finished, most players have probably completed the main story missions and built up their understanding of the game, the team, and character building. The new Stellar Warp event, Swirl of Heavenly Spear, is here, with the promotion of the game’s five 5-character Jing Yuan. Especially for players who do not plan to spend money, it’s important to properly manage their resources and summons.

This article contains our proposal for the new Character Event Warp and Light Cone Event Warp. (Disclaimer: Most content and data used in this article are from the closed beta test and may differ from the open beta version. )

Banner Introduction

The gacha pool for Seele is consistent with the closed beta test, and the pool for Jing Yuan follows the same pattern, as we expected. In the closed beta version of Jing Yuan’s banner, the 4-star accompanying characters are Tingyun, Sushang and March 7th.

Limited time period: May 17, 2023 06:00:00 PM – June 06, 2023 02:59:00 PM

4-star character introduction

Sushang (The Hunt: Physical)

If you don’t have many DPS characters yet, it would be worth pulling two Sushang in this banner, as Sushang Eidolon Lv.1 has the potential to deal a considerable amount of damage. But you do not necessarily have to pull this character just for DMG purpose unless you have a special fondness for her.

Tingyun (The Harmon: Lightning)

This character has outstanding support capabilities whether you pair her with Jing Yuan or not. The unique energy recovery mechanism of her Ultimate Skill is highly valued by DPS characters who rely on their Ultimate Skills for damage output. If you don’t have Tingyun, you should definitely try to pull her from this banner.

March 7th (The Preservation: Ice)

As a 4-star shield support and one of the three characters you get for free at the beginning of the story quest, March 7th offers the highest single-target shield among current characters. Since her Eidolon upgrades only provide a relatively small boost, it’s not necessary to pull specifically for her (unless you have a special fondness for her of course).

Light Cone Event Warp

In addition to Jing Yuan’s 5-star Light Cone Before Dawn (The Erudition ), the drop rates of the three 4-star Light Cones boosted during the event are as follows: Planetary Rendezvous (The Harmony), Only Silence Remains (The Hunt), and Day One of My New Life (The Preservation).

All three Light Cones have decent effects and can be pulled depending on individual needs. However, considering that most players may have already spent a large amount of Stellar Jade on Jing Yuan’s character banner, which also contains Light Cones, it’s better not to pull from the Light Cone banner unless you’re very confident of getting the characters you want.

It should be noted that in a Lightning Jing Yuan team, Tingyun can use the Light Cone Planetary Rendezvous (The Harmony) to better benefit the team.

Jing Yuan Overview

Character skills

Jing Yuan’s skills are very simple and straightforward. He can summon the Lightning Lord, which has 60 base SPD and 3 base Hits Per Action. His Skill and Ultimate can increase the Lightning Lord’s Hits Per Action by 2 or 3 for the next turn, together up to a max of 10.

When it’s the Lightning Lord’s turn to act, each Hit Per Action will deal damage to a random target, with adjacent targets taking 25% of the damage. It then resets to 60 base SPD with 3 base Hits Per Action. The Lightning Lord cannot act when Jing Yuan is under control, and it will leave the field when Jing Yuan is incapacitated.


Whether you admit it or not, Jing Yuan’s incredibly high damage output is real. When the Lightning Lord’s Hits Per Action is at 5, its damage output exceeds the combined multiplier of Jing Yuan’s Skill and Ultimate at the same Trace. And the Lightning Lord’s Hits Per Action can reach up to 10, dealing one of the highest AoE damage in the current game and high single-target damage. This gives Jing Yuan, an Erudition character, the ability to clear groups of enemies to a certain degree and provides a significantly higher single-target multiplier compared to other Erudition characters.

With such a high DMG, Jing Yuan will undoubtedly become one of the most powerful DPS characters in the current and even future releases.


The Lightning Lord’s initial speed is only 60, which is lower than the base speed of all current characters and enemies. Enemies with high speed may have already acted twice before the Lightning Lord strikes. Increasing the Hits Per Action increases the Lightning Lord’s speed, but may not always help when you are dealing with fast enemies.

Another issue with the Lightning Lord is that the Hits Per Action are aimed at a random individual, meaning you can not specify the target. In practical battles, things can go differently than expected, which can lead to uncontrollable results.

Jing Yuan’s Light Cone

The character’s exclusive Light Cone Before Dawn (The Erudition ) can improve his efficiency in eliminating groups of enemies, allowing him to finish off the enemy mainly with his Skill and Ultimate Skill. In this case, battles can be a bit faster without relying on the Lightning Lord. A high critical damage rate greatly increases Jing Yuan’s output potential. If possible, it is recommended to pull this Light Cone for him.

However, if you do not have the exclusive Light Cone, it does not mean you can not play Jing Yuan. The 4-star Light Cone The Birth of the Self (The Erudition ) and The Seriousness of Breakfast (The Erudition ) are also viable options. And Today Is Another Peaceful Day (The Erudition) from Nameless Honor is also very versatile among the Erudition characters.

Summon Suggestion

1. Pull Jing Yuan if you do not have Seele

For players who do not have or do not want Seele, and especially for those who have great difficulty clearing Memory of Chaos, either Seele or Jing Yuan, a powerful DPS character, can make your game much easier and much more enjoyable. Players who already have Seele can decide whether to pull Jing Yuan depending on their own situations.

2. Pull if you need a specific 4-star character

While we do not recommend pulling in a banner just for a 4-star character, there are indeed many players who have been playing since the beginning of the game but still have not gotten Tingyun and would like to get her. If you also want to pull for Jing Yuan, then pull in this banner. However, if you do not want Jing Yuan, you should carefully calculate how many pulls you have made without triggering the pity (usually about 70-75 pulls ). Sacrificing the pity for a 4-star character is unnecessary. As methods of acquiring Stellar Jade are quite limited, it’s better to save the pity for other 5-star characters if you do not want Jing Yuan.

3. Pull if you do not have a DPS character / you can not defeat the enemy / your gaming experience is not good enough

Jingyuan has the ability to efficiently take out groups of enemies while dealing high single-target damage, allowing him to adapt to most situations. When it comes to the routine of daily missions and combat challenges, Jing Yuan can be said to be synonymous with strength and efficiency. With the exception of Kafka in World 5, the vast majority of elite monsters and bosses in the Simulated Universe have Lightning weaknesses. Jing Yuan’s Lightning Lord is especially effective at breaking through the enemy’s defenses, making it incredibly easy to deal with Lightning-vulnerable enemies.

In summary, Jing Yuan can make your life on the Star Rail much more enjoyable.

If you lack a strong main DPS character like Clara or Seele and are looking for methods to boost your efficiency and gaming experience, then you should go for Jing Yuan.
The most worthy four-star character in the Jing Yuan banner is Tingyun, but it’s unnecessary to pull for her and risk losing pity. If you also want to pull for Jing Yuan, it would be cool to get Tingyun and Eidolon Lv.1 Sushang as well.

At least we hope all players can get more than just March 7th from this banner.

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