As the EU gears up to enforce its new legislation requiring smartphones and accessories to be charged via USB-C ports starting in 2024, it’s likely that even Apple will be making the switch. While there have been confirmed reports that the upcoming iPhone 15/Pro/Ultra series will be using the Type-C interface, don’t get too excited about using your trusty USB data cable just yet.

Apple, known for its love of proprietary products and services, has encrypted the Type-C charging interface, meaning that consumers who want to charge their new iPhone will need to purchase a new, MFi-certified charging cable directly from Apple or a certified accessory manufacturer. But don’t worry, the company has got your back by developing a Lightning & Type-C interface IC specifically for the new iPhones.

If you’re an Apple user, you may be familiar with the MFi certification system, introduced in 2012. The MFi certification ensures that both first-party and MFi-certified accessories are reliable and safe to use with your Apple device. If you’ve ever tried to use a third-party charging cable and received the “This accessory is not supported” warning, then you know the importance of MFi certification.

It’s clear that Apple’s decision to switch to the Type-C interface and encrypt the charging port is aimed at making the new devices and peripherals compatible with previous iPhones and not just limiting the use of MFi devices. So, while it may mean purchasing a new charging cable, it’s a small price to pay for the latest and greatest in iPhone technology. And who knows, maybe the new charging cable will come with a bit of dry, Apple-style humor.

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